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To participate in the Pre-Sale (+30% bonus) you need preliminary verification through Whitelist.
Fugine EGO is a high-tech autonomous system, created for everyday human help and
optimization of its time by Fugine
{ ai } { drone } { voice assistant } { blockchain } { robotics } { neural network }
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What is Fugine EGO
High-tech autonomous system based on artificial intelligence, which has Hardware and Software solutions, with voice control, decentralized data storage, created for everyday human help and optimization of its time by Fugine.
How does it work
Through voice communication, a person can communicate with EGO on any topic, solve everyday issues, work issues, communicate with friends, control other devices, learn new knowledge, consult with a doctor, and much more. It is possible to use a ready-made Hardware system or to introduce Software into your business and optimize it with the help of voice communications.
Fugine EGO operates due to its own operating system EGO OS (Operating System), which has an infrastructure for decentralized storage of user data.
Current status
A prototype has been developed that includes the interaction of Hardware and Software, capable of showing the appearance of the device, an example of communication and other functions.
The business and financial model and the plan for entering the market have been worked out.
Save your time
Market Research
Fugine EGO is based on Voice Control, Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks, so let's talk first about this.
The market of smart assistants is now at the peak of popularity and is demonstrating rapid growth. And the facts of the success of many well-known companies producing smart speakers, robot assistants, and other voice assistants tell us about this. Such products come true in millions of units and bring huge profits. According to Strategy Analytics, in April-June 2017, the implementation of smart speakers globally reached 3.8 million units, an increase of 700% compared to a year ago. Some use of voice control is already mainstream - in mid-2016, 20% of Android searches were voice-based, and Siri received 2 billion requests per week.
2017 is the year voice becomes a mainstream “operating system,” as we attain “good enough” speech recognition, as voice-enabled hardware gets deployed in volume, and as an ecosystem of companies begins to build in earnest on the big voice platforms (Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft, and in China - Baidu). People are creating fascinating new hardware computing nodes and voice-native applications. Voice will reduce the effort we expend on data entry, support the disabled, power more predictive applications, and bring new workflows to mobile. These systems are bounded only by their level of intelligence, and bygood design’s ability to cover weaknesses in that intelligence.Challenges abound in enabling technology, design, platform dependence and security.
Who is using voice and how often?
It was held conduce primary survey of smartphone users to understand voice usage behavior and attitudes. 37% of smartphone users use voice technology of some kind at least once a month and 18% use it at least weekly. There is a sizeable proportion, 23%, who say they have used it once or twice, reflecting some of the teething problems with voice technology, but only 12% say they would never use or consider it.
Among early adopters of the Amazon Echo, 60% say “Alexa has become integral to my daily routine.”
Figure: Usage of voice technology (% smartphone users)
Source: Speak Easy survey Feb 2017;
n = 1002 smartphone users
Q: Would you ever consider using voice technology?
Why do people use voice?
A common motivation for using voice is its novelty, with 45% of regular users saying they do so because “it’s fun.” This could be thanks to the proliferation of Alexa Skills offering bad-taste jokes, pick-up lines, animal facts and the like.
But as voice develops we expect the novelty factor to recede.
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is poised to unleash the next wave of digital disruption, and companies should prepare for it now.
We already see real-life benefits for a few earlyadopting firms, making it more urgent than ever for others to accelerate their digital transformations. Our findings focus on five AI technology systems: robotics and autonomous vehicles, computer vision, language, virtual agents, and machine learning, which includes deep learning and underpins many recent advances in the other AI technologies.
AI investment is growing fast, dominated by digital giants such as Google and Baidu. Globally, we estimate tech giants spent $20 billion to $30 billion on AI in 2016, with 90 percent of this spent on R&D and deployment, and 10 percent on AI acquisitions. VC and PE financing, grants, and seed investments also grew rapidly, albeit from a small base, to a combined total of $6 billion to $9 billion. Machine learning, as an enabling technology, received the largest share of both internal and external investment.
"50% of all requests will be voice by 2020." - comScore
Currently, many voice assistants, robots, etc. are being developed, but most of them have simple functionality at the level of smart house management.
We at Fugine have gone further and offer a number of unique opportunities.
Fugine EGO includes Hardware and Software parts.

The Hardware version includes the main device EGO and a Dock Station. The Dock station performs the function of charging and battery replacement, and it is also possible to connect your LAN cable to it and EGO will be able to simultaneously organize a Wifi network to transfer the Internet to any place where you are, within your home or office.
The EGO main unit is completely autonomous due to its design and will be able to travel through the air to any place in your home or office thanks to the built-in rotors and autopilot functions.
Other Hardware components include:
  • Central computer based on Raspberry
  • Various microcontrollers, flight management, and management system
  • External projector for interactive functions (projecting on smooth surfaces)
  • Photo/video camera
  • Various sensors
Fugine EGO functions due to its Software part.
Software of EGO is a package of application programs for various functional purposes. The main areas in which we develop:
  • Own operating system (OS)
  • Distributed storage of information based on the blockchain
  • Own analyzer and voice synthesizer
  • The use of neural networks and machine learning techniques in the functionality of the device
  • Communication with external devices, the implementation of the functional "smart house"
  • Integration with web services
  • Own SDK, application market
  • Sync with iOS, Android, Mac / PC
The main device operates under own proprietary operating system EGO OS, consisting of a core based on UNIX and a set of applications. The core of the operating system provides hardware abstraction of various robot devices, low-level control of these devices, transmission of messages between devices.
The Operating System has an infrastructure for decentralized storage of user data.
All user data (devices) are encrypted and broken into small parts that are distributed over the network to a certain number of nodes (same devices).
Thanks to a complex authentication system, only the owner has access to the summary data. All data distribution transactions are written to the host, which prevents data from being replaced.
Most of the robot's functions are based on artificial neural networks and machine learning, which make it maximally anthropomorphic: able to understand a person, communicate and learn, be most useful to a person and even show emotions.
One of the most important functions of EGO is the recognition and synthesis of speech. The application of machine learning methods allows us to develop high-precision technologies of understanding speech, when we need not only to recognize speech, translate it into text, but also to understand the content of the conversation in order to answer questions and maintain a voice dialogue. It should be noted that we are conducting research into the development of an autonomous mechanism for speech recognition, when the entire process occurs locally on the EGO device, regardless of the availability of the Internet. The use of artificial neural networks and machine learning methods make it possible to implement multilingual voice control of the device.
An additional direction that we develop in our project is the voice translation of the text "on the fly."
EGO Software includes a wide range of management functions for your home's equipment using various standards such as Wifi, Bluetooth, Infrared, Z-Wave, DLNA. But EGO does not just manage the technique, EGO collects information, studies your preferences, habits, analyzes your actions to improve interaction. This information allows EGO to make your home really smart.
All EGO functionality is synchronized with iOS, Android, Mac / PC devices. You can access the EGO even while away from home. This allows you to use EGO as a security device or as an electronic nanny for your child.
The whole complex of software EGO will allow making its a real helper for you and your family.
* For more detailed technical description of the project you can find in the Whitepaper.
Token Pre-Sale
The total amount of Tokens released will be 1 billion FEGO.
An additional release of Tokens will not take place, and if all of the Tokens available for Token Sale Participants are not sold during the Token ICO Phase, the remaining Tokens will be destroyed.
FEGO Tokens are based on the Ethereum platform in accordance with the ERC20 standard - the most convenient and compatible with many Ethereum wallets and exchanges. Smart contracts provide robust and secure payment mechanisms and distribution of rewards. There is a limited supply of FEGO Tokens and they cannot be reproduced by anyone. The ERC-20 standard involves the introduction of small commissions for transactions in FEGO Tokens, which will be paid by platform participants.
Token name: FEGO
Token Symbol: FEGO
Total FEGO token: 1 billion
Conversion rate: 1 FEGO = 0.05 USD
Currency accepted: ETH
The sale of FEGO Tokens will take place in 3 stages:
1) Available in Pre-Sale Phase (+30% bonus) - 10,000,000 FEGO
2) Available in Pre-ICO Phase (+15% bonus) - 90,000,000 FEGO
3) Available in ICO Phase - Will be updated soon
Most of the collected funds through the Pre-Sale campaign will be used for further development, legal and consulting services and promotion of the Token Sale campaign.
Development (Completion of the prototype to the exhibition sample) - 50%
Marketing (preparation for ICO and PR) - 40%
Legal (patents, trademark, others) - 10%
Benefits for FEGO holders
  • The company's products and internal transactions will be implemented using FEGO tokens, which will also affect the cost of tokens.
  • FEGO is an internal means of payment between participants and the FEGO system.
  • Own SDK and application market will allow developers to create applications for the device and sell it.
  • Experts in subject areas can expand the functionality of the device, providing their services (for example, a lawyer, a psychologist, etc.).
  • Tokens reward (FEGO mining) of training participants on the basis of neural networks (semantic speech analyzer, various assistants)
  • Payment for the use of the system. Some software development (voice synthesis, voice recognition, semantic text analysis, construction of assistance based on machine learning) will be used and sold in other services of the company. The fee or subscription for use will be charged to FEGO.
  • Special Edition for early investors of FEGO - the opportunity to obtain a limited version of the company's products for your home and business in exchange for FEGO tokens.
  • The opportunity to increase your income several times, due to the increase in the value of the company's tokens after entering the stock exchanges. The increase in the cost of FEGO tokens will be due to the company's development on world markets, the release of new technology products, the company's participation in international exhibitions, competitions and more.
  • Special discount program for holders of FEGO tokens.
  • The company's revenues will be stored in FEGO tokens and can be converted only if necessary.
  • The number of long-term holders of FEGO tokens will grow, but the number of tokens is limited.
Pre-Sale (only Whitelist) - May 24 - May 31
Start date: May 24, 2019 (12:00 PM NYC Time, UTC-4)
End date: May 31, 2019 (12:00 PM NYC Time, UTC-4)
FEGO tokens distribution cap (Pre-Sale): 10,000,000 FEGO tokens
Token Pre-Sale target: $500k
Currency accepted: ETH
Token exchange rate: 1 FEGO = 0.05 USD
Amount of tokens per one person: unlimited
Minimum transaction amount in FEGO: 0.1 ETH
Maximum transaction amount: unlimited
Token distribution: Smart contract will distribute tokens instantly after successful transfer of ETH
* If there are unsold tokens after the pre-sale phase, they will be added to the volume of tokens that will be offered in the next Pre-ICO phase of selling tokens.
Pre-ICO - June 1 - June 30
Start date: June 1, 2019 (12:00 PM NYC Time, UTC-4)
End date: June 30, 2019 (12:00 PM NYC Time, UTC-4)
FEGO tokens distribution cap (Pre-ICO): 90,000,000 FEGO tokens
Token Pre-ICO target: $4.5m
Currency accepted: ETH
Token exchange rate: 1 FEGO = 0.05 USD
Amount of tokens per one person: unlimited
Minimum transaction amount in FEGO: 0.1 ETH
Maximum transaction amount: unlimited
Token distribution: Smart contract will distribute tokens instantly after successful transfer of ETH
Bonuses: will be updated soon
* If there are unsold tokens after the pre-sale phase, they will be added to the volume of tokens that will be offered in the next Pre-ICO phase of selling tokens.
At the current stage of Pre-Sale we offer such a Bounty program.
1. Join our community in social networks: 100 FEGO
2. Tell us about our project in social networks in your profiles.
100 to 2000 FEGO (depending on the quality of the response and the activity of your page).
3. Vote for our project on the Kickico platform: 2000 FEGO
87% of regular voice users agree that
“when voice technology works properly, it really simplifies my life”
Oct, 2015The idea was born. Search for a business model
Jan, 2016Participation in the competition "Ukraine is looking for start-ups"
Mar, 2016Change of direction, the birth of EGO
2016-2017Hard work on the prototype
Dec, 2017Preparing to sell tokens
May, 2019Pre-Sale of FEGO tokens
Jun, 2019Pre-ICO of FEGO tokens
Jun, 2019Start of media coverage of the project

- Jul, 2019
Promotion of the project in the media, PR
Modification of the prototype to the exhibition sample
Preparation for ICO
Preparing for crowdfunding campaigns (Kickstarter)
Aug, 2019Global presentation of Fugine EGO (H and S versions)
Project coverage in the world media
Sep, 2019ICO of FEGO tokens
Start of the Kickstarter / Indiegogo campaign
Oct, 2019Product Hunt: Presentation of S version
Nov, 2019Placement of FEGO on cryptocurrency exchanges
Dec, 2019Fugine EGO Presentation for Business
Jan, 2019Presentation of the company at CES 2019 in Las Vegas
...To be continued...
Stanis CrasFounder, CEO More than 10 Years of Entrepreneurship, Product Design, IT, Advertising.
Also, I'm a Senior Product Designer, providing professional services and advice to various companies from different countries, private clients, and startups. I have 12 years of experience in the design and development of products in the IT industry. Fugine EGO is an opportunity to take a step forward and implement its many years of experience in building a world-class company.
Alex MaxCTO 5 Years - Senior Lecturer of the Department of "Physical and Biomedical Electronics",
10 Years - Lead Developer and Co-owner of Large Internet Projects.
Eugene KononenkoCDO 12 Years - Design, Development,
Participation in a variety of industrial projects.
Danica CrasPress Secretary 10 Years - participation in various IT projects,
extensive experience with communications
EGOAI EGO was thinking about conquering the world,
but decided that it would be better to benefit humanity
“If you don’t have an AI strategy, you are going to die in the world that’s coming.”
Devin Wenig CEO, eBay
Fugine has a serious goal of building a global company that will sell its products around the world. A thought-out plan of action now, and a lot of ideas for new projects in the future - will help us to make a breakthrough in the industry and raise the cost of our FEGO tokens, to the skies. Thanks to you, we will be able to translate our ideas into the life and make our contribution to this world!
Thank you for this opportunity! The most interesting thing to come!
Stanis Cras
CEO, Founder at Fugine